The Shamans Cave 2/24

During our time together Renee and Sandra talk about how we can get caught up in the frequency of fear and division instead of stepping into our spirit selves instead of rising up out of our humanness to start working with higher frequencies.

It is time for us to bring our work into our local communities as well as continue working together as a global community but from a place of unity.

As we are caught up in fear and stress we often chant words and focus on thoughts that are contributing to the dismembering energies that are part of the turbulence we are all experiencing.

Is it time to step up and change what vibration we are tending to in our Earth garden. Renee and Sandra share to do this we must connect deeply and build strong relationships with the spirit world and with Source, God, the goddess, the power of the universe.

Shamans created this deep connection and received guidance on how to live a harmonious life through following the wisdom embedded in their creation stories.

Sandra leads a very short journey so that we can even begin this process. More on this topic next week……thanks for joining us and please remember to subscribe

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