During The Shamans Cave show on February 24 we began looking at how we need to rise up into a new frequency of working more deeply with spirit and stepping away from our ego and personality which might be tapping into the vibration of fear that is so present in the current collective.

It is the time to change the vibration in order to start building a new dimension of reality we wish to live in on.

Shamans did this by performing ceremonies. With each ceremony they created new building blocks of form. They also worked with changing certain vibrations that embrace the power of the creation story of their community.

In this show Renee will share a wealth of  knowledge about The Dynamic Winds of Creation and how the winds can help us.

And then we will  journey on a vibration that reflects the power of Source and creation and create an affirmation that we can repeat throughout the day to start our rebuilding and process of rememberment.

It is time for us to be active builders of a news world.

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