Align to Your Awakening Compass

Your path needs a real awakening, not from a mountaintop in Tibet or a cave in India, but right here, in your messy life, with your piles of laundry, unpaid bills, imperfect partner and demanding kids.

The true challenge to any transformation is not what can be achieved “out there” in nature, in silence, or in meditation, but how to maintain that groundedness when faced with the usual challenges of day-to-day life.

How will you navigate the changes ahead?

As a shamanic healer with a bevy of highly successful C-suite business clients, I needed to find a way to teach energy work to people who weren’t going to spend two years in the jungles of Peru or pray with the Sioux in Inipi ceremonies. Rather, my clients wanted transformation that was easy, quick and practical.

Spring Program begins in April. Sample Renee’s Work here:

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