Renee and Sandra are grateful to all of you who have sent in topics that you wish for us to cover on our show The Shamans Cave. Part one of a two-part show.

One of our subscribers has brought up a wonderful topic for us to discuss – anger.

We are essentially spirit who took a human body to learn and evolve. We experience a range of emotions such as joy, bliss, anger, depression, and the list goes on. Our growth depends on having a full human experience.

At the same time we want to transform the energy behind our anger so we are not feeding it into the collective.

Sandra and Renee will speak about anger and transmuting the energy so that you get to express fully, while learning how to transmute the energy.

Sandra will lead us on a practice to transmute our anger into love.

In Sandra’s March Transmutation News Tracy Shulsinger, a brilliant practitioner and shamanic teacher, shares how to create non-ordinary reality  peace gardens to deal with feelings about what is happening in the world.

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