In shamanic cultures when homes were built the materials used were carefully chosen and ceremonies were used to bless all that was used in building. Each rock was carefully chosen and blessed. Trees were asked if they were willing to sacrifice parts of themselves for building. Homes were seen as alive, vital, and reflected back the beauty of the people’s souls who lived in them. In today’s world we build as fast and cheaply as we can. There is not much thought or care to the materials used. And often our homes in which we live and office buildings where we work are filled with toxic materials. There is a lack of vitality where we live and work, and we often wonder why we feel ill in our workplaces. With the practice of shamanism we can infuse our homes and offices with soul by performing simple ceremonies that bring back vitality through love, honor, respect, and blessing the places we live in and work. In this exciting show Renee and Sandra will share about this important work which ends up improving both our emotional and physical health when we call back the soul of our home, apartment, and/or apartment.

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