We are so flooded by images, sounds, and feelings that are fed to us by computers, watching TV, movies, and through the media. We no longer hear our own soul songs as they are drowned out by the music of our devices and the noises in the outside world.

What are we missing by not “unplugging” so we can open to another dimension of life filled with the visions we see through our invisible eyes, the music of we hear with our invisible ears, our own feelings that are ours and have not been planted into us by others, and a deeper sense of taking in fragrances and experiencing tastes. This not only opens us to a world of beauty but we are dependent on our invisible senses for survival.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman will speak to the importance of using our unseen senses. This is an important show and will inspire you. Follow us: shamanstv.com

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