These days, change is blowing our lives in every direction. We are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty, and it is clearer than ever that nature is trying to tell us something. Will we listen? In a world of overwhelming news cycles, social media and hysteria, we are being called upon to reimagine the way we live, relate to each other and ourselves.

If you are feeling uneasy and desire a more solid foundation to gain control of your life, now is the perfect time to learn simple, ancient practical wisdom tools that will help you navigate uncharted waters and feel safe. Join Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman, for Wind Work Basics this spring. This 4-week online course will teach you how to uncover your limiting beliefs and tap into your true power. Visit HERE to learn more. 

Life may not stop throwing curveballs, but we can be prepared to go to bat with any obstacle with wind work. Yes, that’s right. The answer is in the wind: an invisible force greater than yourself that will restore balance to your life. Become a WIND ALCHEMIST. Learn to turn energy into form.

The Spring Wind Work Basics class includes:

  • 4 hours of Wind Work Training
  • 4 worksheets on the week’s topic to help you take your inner work even deeper.
  • 4 Journey Meditations to assist your process.
  • Small group access to Renee.
  • Weekly Live Deepening Session with Brigid Hopkins.
  • Unlimited Access to our private Facebook community where you can connect with others on the path of self-discovery with a weekly live group check-in for 1 year.

Here are just a few powerful testimonials on Baribeau’s courses:

“This is a powerful introductory course that will take your relationship with the wind to the next level. Whether you are new to shamanic principles or are an expert, this course will reveal new wisdom to you and take you to your core for deep healing.” – Heather

“I can’t tell you how very very grateful that I am to you and your work with the winds!! All the pieces you offered have been mind blowing and powerful! Blessings to you! I am honored and so humbled.” – Terry 

If you’re ready to expand your intuition and access your deepest desires sign up here today. Do not wait to live the life you are worthy of creating. 

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