On our last episode of The Shamans Cave, Renee and Sandra talk about anger. For so many people are dealing with their own personal anger as well as feeling angry about what is happening on the Earth. Anger is an energy that does effect the health of the collective. So how do we express our anger, which is important to do for our health and well-being while sending love and light into the collective?
And this show is in two parts.  On March 31 Sandra and Renee will lead our community in a virtual fire ceremony where we will have the opportunity to release to the fire our anger to be transmuted. You can share this ceremony in your community and we give you ideas of how to do this.

Also there are different examples of ceremonies that can be performed for healing, releasing old wounds, and bringing in the goodness of life in Sandra’s new book The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred into Everyday Life. These two shows will give you much to reflect on!

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