Exciting News! Sandra Ingerman is offering a free class on the Shift Network. Shamanic Journeying to Connect With the Earth’s Elements & Other Nature Allies: Find Healing, Wisdom & Belonging in Reciprocal Relationships With Spirits of the ‘Middle World’:On Wednesday, January 20, world-renowned shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman will help you discover how to cultivate deep, truly reciprocal relationships with the beings of the natural world… for your healing and theirs. Journey with Isis.

  • Discover how to step into a higher dimension of reality and promote healing by being with and talking to nature beings to experience the Middle World in a reciprocal way
  • Learn how a focus on technology versus ecology disconnects us from Nature and creates imbalances within ourselves and the Earth’s ecosystems — how, for example, can we address climate change while we’re disconnected from the elements?
  • Discover how reconnecting to our soul, our helping spirits, and Source is the key to thriving during these times
  • Discover how the power of love, along with our beliefs and intentions coupled with a deep connection to the natural world, can create healing results that appear to defy science
  • Join in a guided commitment ceremony — led by Sandra’s shamanism teacher, Isis — to honor your deep relationship with the Earth elements within and around you


From our wise tree ancestors to nature beings of land, sea, and sky… to the elements, from crystals to water… you’ll discover how simply being with and learning to respectfully communicate with the natural world can teach you how to adapt to the many changes that occur in your own life.You’ll also learn how the level of dis-ease many of us are experiencing along with the planet’s own imbalance due to climate change are evidence, according to Sandra, that we are not nurturing the Earth or allowing ourselves to be nurtured by it in effective ways.More than anything, you will find out how you can help effect positive change — within yourself and for all of life’s beings.You can

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