Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau team up to share strong ceremonial work and shamanic practices with our communities.
The topic of the show for The Shamans Cave is worthiness. We all want to do more to contribute to our communities and to health of the planet but we must feel worthy to be a strong and engaged builder of a new fabric of reality. Many of us don’t trust our intuition or our creative skills as we were taught at a young age that we are not worthy. It is time to unburden ourselves of such a limiting belief. It does not contribute to a sense of well being or make us feel like we have anything to give.

Renee and Sandra will speak on this issue, and then Renee will lead us in a powerful practice to replace our feelings of unworthiness with self-worth, light, and love. We are excited about this show as we cannot move forward with our spiritual practices in a powerful way until we feel good about ourselves.

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