The planetary energies seem to be shifting in a variety of ways. We have our issues with the Covid, climate change, and a wealth of other challenges. So much of the change that needs to happen is by people really standing up together. But one of the challenges of this is we are overpopulated and people are very divided.

This has been a big issue for Sandra Ingerman as she has been an activist but does not see the changes that we know are possible. Sandra has found that she is naturally and effortlessly moving into a state of consciousness focusing on her life and others must do the same. For we on all on our own journey. And Sandra’s is leading to emanating love and light and to just surrender to what is. Renee Baribeau adds her thoughts on this which are brilliant and adds another perspective.

We believe this show will give you some things to think about and look at how you feed the collective with love and light. Follow us on

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