Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau felt that this was an important topic to discuss at this time. For many people are losing faith due to what some are calling the whiplash effect. One day you are told you are safe and the the Covid will be leaving soon. The next news story a few days later may say the opposite. So our heads are turning like a whiplash action. You think you are done and then you are told to go back inside.

But this is life. Cycles and phases of change can take long periods of time especially when there is new structuring going on in the Earth and the collective. This period can include a lot of ups and downs as we follow the river of life where your ride can be smooth and graceful and suddenly turn turbulent. During the turbulence is not a time to lose faith.

Be inspired by how Renee and Sandra talk about faith and how to restore it and maintain it.

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