Some of the challenges in practicing shamanism in our communities is watching inexperienced students and clients find teachers and practitioners who are lost in their ego and forget that shamanic practitioners are merely vessels for the helping spirits/ the divine beings. The divine beings from the unseen realms have unlimited healing energies that can flow through us creating powerful healings.

But we also don’t want to be divisive or look like we are just being competitive or jealous if we speak up about others’ work and try to steer innocent students and clients away from not getting the best help they desire.

Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau talk about how being a good role model and a presence of love and light shows what kind of teacher or practitioner people might be drawn to over someone lost in the desire for personal gain on some level.

This brings us back to the only way of being a good role model is by following our own flow and placing ourselves back into our own river.

And then we can be a strong role model for others.

Join Renee and Sandra as they talk about this topic that has been going on for years. And Sandra ends by leading us on a journey to place ourselves back into our river and flow.

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