When we face health issues divorce, catastrophic events, and the list goes on we tend to look for who is to blame especially blaming ourselves. It Is something we learn as children that we will be punished for our wrong doings. But in our culture we take this too far, and we tend to actually act as if everything that goes wrong in our life is our fault.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they talk about how we live in a loving universe where we can learn to accept what life brings to us without making it our fault that life brought us a lesson to learn from the choices we make in life. And we share in this podcast how having a community and a strong relationship with our ancestors helps us to let go of the burden of finding fault in ourselves, but rather see how much support we have at our back to help us to keep moving forward through the challenges that life brings all of us to help us grow.

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