This is a topic that Renee and Sandra talk a lot about on the Shamans Cave podcasts. We keep circling back to this topic as people drawn to spiritual practices have a very hard time setting boundaries between their own lives and what is happening in the world around them.

This is such a common theme written about on social media and in classes where people people get a chance to share.

We just simply cannot take on all the massive issues of the world. And it is actually not even appropriate for us to do so.

If you are a very sensitive person trying to find how to live in your own flow Renee and Sandra will share the benefits of doing your personal work.

Renee leads such a powerful wind whistle journey helping us to release an issue we need to let go of.

And Renee and Sandra encourage everyone to bring more work into the own neighborhoods where they live. Don’t start the day reading the news. Start your day doing your spiritual practices so you are strong enough to keep moving forward with all the change we are all experiencing.

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