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We are in a time where the breakdown of reality and the world as we know it is being literally and metaphorically dismembered. Or if it makes more sense to you to see life on Earth as being dismantled.

Some of this is due to our behavior and lack of awareness of how the ways we live are impacting life. Some of this is pure evolution and the Earth changing herself like we do when we feel we have outgrown a phase of life, and it is time to resculpt our landscape.

Why the Earth is changing so much is not the point of our powerful show. It is how we go on, find tools to help us not go down, but instead find our resilience and not lose passion for where we need to put our energies in life for ourselves and our community.

Join Renee Baribeau, a.k.a. The Practical Shaman and Sandra Ingerman as they discuss the need for spiritual tools to stay in the flow of life and experience where the River of Life is taking us to.

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