Making Inner and Outer Changes to Move Forward with our Changing World: Shamans Cave

One of the topics that we are all dealing with is how much change is happening in the world. We don’t always rely on our intuition, but trust what others are telling us to do and we watch how others are reacting to our current situation. The universe is giving us new...

How The Practice of Shamanism Helps with Emotional and Physical Issues: Shamans Cave

Shamanism is an the first universal spiritual practice. WE know the practice dates back tens of thousands of years. A practice that can maintain such a strong presence in the world obviously has a lot of power to be in service to all of life. Renee and Sandra talk...

Balancing the Light and the Dark: What Dimension of Reality Do You want to Live In?

We often talk about wanting to live in a brighter and more joyful dimension of reality. But what we feed grows. Many people focus on working on shadow states of consciousness without realizing they are creating them by feeding shadow states with so much energy. Of...
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